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About Us

TegaGold is a brokerage firm that facilitates international trade and investments of natural resources between Africa and the international community. In addition, we promote, support and engage in sustainable economic development projects within the continent of Africa.

Our Vision is to create strong and lasting relationships that build trust and leverages the expertise of our international business partners, which leads to successful and profitable ventures for all the stakeholders involved – a win-win.

TG establishes global alliances and meaningful partnerships between Africa and the International Community with a particular focus in natural resources and sustainable exploration.

Strong networks and establishing valuable relationships make us a powerful partner as we open doors for those who want to do business in the region. Our expertise, goods, and services can be explored through our:

“I believe that sustainability is simply the right way of doing anything, we are here to do things the right way.”

– Sade-Toritshè Omoniyi, Founder of TegaGold

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